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Ironbark Firewood for Cooking, Smoking & Woodfired Ovens

Our ironbark wood is ideal for cooking and smoking. It has barely no air and is solid and hard. There is no sap and it burns slowly and consistent. Due to their being a minimal air and humidity content, it is ideal for cooking, especially in woodfired ovens. This is due to minimal splitting of the wood and minimal sparks.
The nicest barbeque and grilling is done with ironbark hardwood. It cooks nicely and creates a unique taste and smell, like no other.
If you would like to order our ironbark wood for smoking and cooking, it must be either picked up or ordered as a load of firewood.

Why Choose Lumberjack’s Ironbark Cooking & Smoking Wood?

  1. Perfect for all meat & fish
  2. Adds a mild and sweet flavour
  3. It creates minimal sparks or splitting