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Premium Mixed Hardwood

We sell a combination of medium to hard density local Australian hardwoods. Our Premium mixed hardwood is comprised of ironbark and other local hardwoods.

  • The moisture content is approximately 20%.
  • It is great for outdoor fire pits, combustion heaters and fireplaces.
  • This hardwood firewood mix is seasoned for at least 12 months and is a nice, clean hardwood mix.
  • We recommend purchasing this wood with half a load of our premium ironbark firewood, to get a nice mix of quality hardwoods.


Why Choose Lumberjack’s Premium Mixed Hardwood?


  1. Convenient bread loaf size
  2. Split and seasoned wood
  3. Mixed eco-friendly hardwood species, nice variety

Premium Mixed Hardwood Firewood Prices

  • $220/cubic metre
  • Premium Mixed Hardwood
  • Consists of ironbark

    Plus other hardwoods

    Plus Delivery

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  • $20/15kg Bag
  • Premium Mixed Hardwood Bag
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