Premium Ironbark Firewood

Our premium iron bark timber is suited for all fireplaces, as well as woodfired ovens. This wood is of a high premium quality standard and has been seasoned for up to 12 months. This firewood has also had the moisture content tested, to ensure its consistency. This premium ironbark firewood is a clean burning wood, which creates less smoke and soot than other firewood.

The Benefits of Lumberjack’s Premium Ironbark?

  • Split into a comfortable bread loaf size
  • Long burning resulting in less wood used
  • Well seasoned, with a low moisture content
  • Clean burn with less smoke
  • Stronger burn and more heat

Premium Ironbark Prices

$350/cubic metre

Plus Delivery

$30/15kg Bag

Pick Up Only

The Best Ironbark Firewood

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