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Firewood For Sale – Wollongong, Nowra & Illawarra

<b>Premium Ironbark</b>

Premium Ironbark

Long Lasting Premium Burning Firewood

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<b>Premium Mixed Hardwood</b>

Premium Mixed Hardwood

Seasoned Mixed Species Hardwood with Ironbark

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Lumberjacks Firewood Prices

All prices are per cubic metre (m3) and all prices exclude delivery.

  • $350/m3
  • Premium Ironbark
    • Bread Loaf Size
    • Split Wood
    • Seasoned Ironbark
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  • $220/m3
  • Premium Mixed Hardwood
    • Quality hardwood
    • Includes ironbark
    • Other hardwoods
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  • $130/m3
  • Hardwood Offcuts
    • Small Offcuts
    • Seasoned firewood
    • Convenient & Cheap
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Lumberjacks Firewood Prices per Bag

  • $30/15kg per Bag
  • Ironbark Firewood for Cooking & Smoking
    • For all meat & fish
    • Mild, sweet flavour
    • No sparks/splitting
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  • $20/15kg per Bag
  • Premium Mixed Hardwood Bag
    • Premium mixed local hardwood species
    • Pick up only
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  • $15/10kg per Bag
  • Kindling (pine wood)
    • Quality pine wood
    • Small & split
    • Easy to light
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Premium Ironbark Firewood & Quality Hardwood Fire Wood

We only sell seasoned firewood, meaning it is split and left to dry for at least 12 months prior to sale and on average is under 25% moisture content ensuring you a cleaner burning warm fire with reduced smoke. Your experience at Lumberjacks Firewood will be unmatched.


Why Choose Lumberjacks Firewood?


  • Our firewood is legally sourced and sustainably harvested with regards to environmental values. It is of a high quality, well-seasoned, accurately measured and burns well.
  • Our fire wood is kept undercover and when loaded for delivery it is tumbled clean, so when you receive your firewood it is of the best quality.
  • We deliver our sustainably sourced firewood anywhere in Wollongong, Helensburgh, Illawarra and the Southern Highlands areas of NSW.
  • We deliver on Monday to Friday and also Saturday mornings.

Lumberjacks Firewood FAQs

How big is our firewood?

Our premium ironbark and mixed hardwood are cut into convenient sizes similar to a loaf bread. They are not too heavy, comfortably fit most fireplaces and are perfect for maintaining a consistent burn.

Is our firewood seasoned?

Yes, we only sell seasoned firewood. It is split and dried for a minimum of 12 months and has been tested for moisture, which is approximately 25%. You are ensured a cleaner burning warm fire with reduced smoke.

What's hardwood firewood?

Our mixed hardwood is comprised of a variety of premium hardwood species, which may include including Iron Bark, Yellow Box, Grey Gum and Mahogany.

Where do we deliver firewood?

We deliver our firewood products to to the Illawarra, Wollongong and Southern Highlands regions of NSW. This also includes areas around Helensburgh.