Firewood For Sale in Wollongong, Illawarra & Surrounds

Premium Firewood

Dense Australian hardwood, that provides intense heat, with a slow burn and little smoke

Firewood Deliveries

Well seasoned firewood. Low moisture content. Guaranteed longer burn and more efficiency.

Reliable & Consistent

Firewood to the Illawarra, Nowra, Wollongong, Helensburgh & Southern Highlands

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Feel Good Firewood!

At Lumberjacks Firewood, we are working towards becoming the first carbon neutral Australian firewood company. For every tonne of firewood we sell, we plant a tree. This means, for every tree we harvest, we plant 2 more. See for yourself, at!

You can feel good about burning our firewood.

Lumberjacks Firewood has the best firewood for sale in the Illawarra, Helensburgh, Wollongong & Southern Highlands

Our firewood is legally sourced and sustainably harvested with regards to environmental values. It is of a high quality, well-seasoned, accurately measured and burns well.

The Lumberjacks Firewood Process

What Our Customers Say

“The results we get from Lumberjacks Firewood is superior in even peak temperatures, resulting in more consistent burn temperatures and even cooking of the food…

Scott Hare

Senior Sous Chef, Steamers Bar & Grill Wollongong

Why Choose Lumberjacks Firewood?

  • Our firewood is sustainably sourced, high-quality, well-seasoned, and burns efficiently.
  • Our firewood is tumbled clean, so when you receive your firewood it is of the best quality.
  • We deliver sustainably sourced firewood throughout Wollongong, Helensburgh, Illawarra, and the Southern Highlands in NSW.
  • We deliver on Monday to Friday and also Saturday mornings.
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