About Lumberjacks Firewood

Weโ€™ve got three types of firewood available: Premium Ironbark, Quality Mixed Hardwood and Budget Offcuts.

We deliver from Wollongong to Nowra, throughout Illawarra to Helensburgh and Southern Highlands.

We have a consistent supply of firewood, two firewood yards and multiple vehicles on the road.

We sell by the cubic metre (mยณ) and are able to mix loads to suit your budget and requirements.

Illawarra & Wollongong Firewood Specialists

Lumberjacks Firewood is locally owned and operated on the South Coast of NSW and have been supplying firewood to the region for over 15 years.

Our business is committed to the sustainable future of firewood. We are a local leader within the firewood sector and our customers are guaranteed a high level of quality and service, on each and every delivery of seasoned premium firewood. Our seasoned firewood, is delivered 6 days a week in the Illawarra, Helensburgh, Wollongong and Southern Highlands regions.

The firewood that we source is absolutely from reputable, certified sustainable suppliers. Our firewood is harvested, cleaned, seasoned for at least 12 months and then transported to our firewood yards. We only sell quality ironbark and hardwood that is guaranteed to burn at the highest level of quality. Our premium ironbark firewood is adaptable not only for fireplaces or firepits, but also for cooking in woodfired ovens.