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Testimonials – The Best Firewood in NSW

"Before using Lumberjacks, our firewood was less consistent, the quality wasn't as good and the deliveries were quite infrequent, we weren't getting our firewood when we needed it. We had inconsistency with the grading, the hardness of the timber and cooking times were very different depending on how the timber was. The results we get from Lumberjacks Firewood is superior in even peak temperatures, resulting in more consistent burn temperatures and even cooking of the food. We use the firewood every day in our fire pit for our steaks and seafood. It gives it a unique taste and flavour.

Our restaurant functions better with Lumberjacks timber. Anyone looking for firewood for their home or business, I highly recommend Lumberjacks Firewood. They are reliable, friendly and easy to deal with. From the driver to accounts, everyone is great. Contact Derek and his team, they'll look after you."

Scott Hare - Senior Sous Chef, Steamers Bar & Grill Wollongong

"Best price. Derek was extremely helpful with quality and quantity of wood. Burns hot and slow. Long lasting. The delivery guy had no problems dropping off at 2 different locations for the same house. Will be an ongoing buyer 100%. Thank you!"

Simona Andreini, (Residential)

Video Testimonial for Lumberjacks Firewood